Natural Sports Medicine & General Practice
Dr. Jason E. Barker

Restore your health and achieve peak performance through an integrative, holistic approach to your general medical and sports medicine needs. I extend my passion for sport, fitness and medicine into my unique, integrative approach to health care and healing (vs. symptom management), addressing general medical, hormonal, musculoskeletal, performance and nutrition issues while promoting a fit, healthy lifestyle for you. I will address your health needs with a combination of well-proven, safe and effective natural and conventional medicines, supplements, diet and clinical nutrition to restore your health and target areas of your body that standard drugs/medical treatment do not.

“You are very science-minded and went above and beyond to help me have success with my condition.  Your knowledge and experience with correct supplementation for athletes impressed me; you helped me complete my first Ironman Triathlon by preparing me nutritionally and educating me on the appropriate pre and post race supplementation.  Thank You Dr. Barker!"

Kendra B., Personal Fitness Trainer and Ironman Triathlete

Dr. Barker’s Areas of Focus & Special Training:

Natural Sports Medicine

  • Sports Nutrition and performance issues
  • Supplementation and ergogenic (energy) aids
  • Joint & tissue pain and recovery
  • Injury prevention & prescription alternatives

Preventive Medicine / Functional Medicine

  • Hormone Balance & Anti-aging solutions
  • Chronic or Frequent Illness
  • Immune system support
  • Food sensitivity & allergy testing

Get Healthy Again

  • Fitness prescription and weight loss
  • Healthy Diet and Clinical Nutrition